Labour Laws

UIF South Africa Chapter 3 Claiming Benefits, Part C: Illness Benefits

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19. Determination of period of illness under this Part

(1) For purposes of this Part, the period of illness must be determined from the date the contributor ceases to work as a result of the illness.

(2) Subsection (1) applies with the necessary changes in respect of the determination of the periods of maternity and adoption benefits contemplated in sections 24(2) and 27(3), respectively.

20. Right to illness benefits

(1) Subject to section 14, a contributor is entitled to the illness benefits contemplated in this Part for any period of illness if—

(a) the contributor is unable to perform work on account of illness;

(b) the contributor fulfils any prescribed requirements in respect of any specified illness; and

(c) application is made for illness benefits in accordance with the prescribed requirements and the provisions of this Part.

(2) A contributor is not entitled to illness benefits—

(a) if the period of illness is less than 14 days; and

(b) for any period during which the contributor—

(i) is entitled to unemployment benefits in terms of Part B of this Chapter or adoption benefits in terms of Part E of this Chapter; or

(ii) without just reason, refuses or fails to undergo medical treatment or to carry out the instructions of a medical practitioner, chiropractor or homeopath.

21. Calculation of illness benefits

(1) [Deleted]

(2) When taking into account any sick leave paid to the contributor in terms of any other law, or any collective agreement or contract of employment, the illness benefit may not be more than the remuneration the contributor would have received if the contributor had not been ill.

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