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UIF for domestic workers in South Africa

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How long must a worker contribute to the UIF in order to be able to claim?
Domestic workers accumulate credits with the UIF at a rate of one day’s benefit for every six days worked as a contributor.

How much money will a domestic worker receive if he or she becomes unemployed?
If she or he works for three months, she or he will be eligible to receive benefits equivalent to 15 days of work.

What if an employer does not want to register a domestic worker with the UIF?
Employers must register with the UIF, it is the law. Domestic workers should contact the nearest office of the department of labour if an employer refuses to register with the UIF.

What steps should a domestic worker take when she/he becomes unemployed?
Domestic workers should visit their nearest labour centre with their bar-coded ID book and proof of employment.

What other benefits are domestic workers entitled to under the UIF?
If domestic workers contribute to the UIF, they will be eligible to claim illness, maternity, adoption and dependents benefits.

What does a domestic worker need when applying for benefits from the UIF? This depends on the type of benefit – unemployment, illness, maternity, and so on – being applied for. For the list of documents required, including downloadable forms, click here.

Where can one get more information about domestic workers and the UIF?
Visit your nearest labour centre, call the UIF on (012) 337 1700/ 1680, log on to the UIF web site, or e-mail domestics@uif.gov.za.

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