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The Aims and Challenges of Recruitment in South Africa

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The aim and challenges of recruitment in South Africa is to put the right person, at the right place, at the right time in the organisation. By doing this the company should hopefully improve their organisational performance and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. To make life easier for a company, the organisation can outsource their recruitment process or some components to professional recruiters or recruitment agencies. These days, recruiters are more likely to be given access to LinkedIn, the business networking site. They might then find themselves dealing with clients from anywhere in the world. Honed by years of ruthless competition at home, recruitment in South Africa has grown into its own industry.

The aim of recruitment in South Africa is to:

• Attract and encourage more and more candidates to apply in the organisation.

• Create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidates for the organisation.

• Determine present and future requirements of the organization in conjunction with its personnel planning and job analysis activities.

• Recruitment is the process which links the employers with the employees.

• Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost.

• Help increase the success rate of selection process by decreasing number of visibly under qualified or overqualified job applicants.

• Help reduce the probability that job applicants once recruited and selected will leave the organization only after a short period of time.

• Meet the organizations legal and social obligations regarding the composition of its workforce.

• Begin identifying and preparing potential job applicants who will be appropriate candidates.

• Increase organization and individual effectiveness of various recruiting techniques and sources for all types of job applicants

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