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Recruitment in South Africa

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Recruitment in South Africa can be defined as the activities or practices that define the characteristics of applicants to whom selection procedures are ultimately applied. The recruitment and selection of staff in South Africa helps establish the potential of an organisation. Recruitment in South Africa has always been the most essential resource for any organisation’s success or failure. The most effective organisation is built around the workforce that it has and aligning the right person at the right time and in the right place. For any company recruiting the right staff in South Africa and getting the best possible performance from them is essential for the success of an organisation. Recruitment in South Africa of high quality workers can help that organisation achieve their business objectives quicker and also gain a competitive advantage.

Recruiting from outside sources of the organisation is useful as the company can get various applicants from around South Africa. Applicants can come from sources such as advertising, state employment services, private employment agencies, job fairs and employee referrals. A company is also able to recruit employees from within the organisation. This would include promoting or rotating employees in the organisation. A popular technique of internal recruitment in South Africa is employee referrals. Employee referral is when current employees recommend suitable candidates for a position within an organisation. Employees who are working in an organisation normally should recommend suitable applicants for a position because if the applicant gets the job and does not perform up to standard, this will look bad on the employee that recommended them.

In order for an organisation’s recruitment in South Africa to be successful a company will used a variety of selection methods in order to ensure that they get the right people for the position required. Application forms, interviews and CVs are the most common recruitment techniques in South Africa. Reference checking is also major technique used in selecting employees and applicants should make sure that they have around three solid references on their CVs. If an employee ends up stealing something and the company later learns that they had a history of stealing, this mistake could have been avoided by checking the applicant’s background. Some companies also test potential recruits with testing (competency testing, aptitude testing). Orgnisations do this in order to ensure that they recruit the best possible person for the job.

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