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Professional association approves three top private marketing qualifications

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As the face of higher education in South Africa starts to change, vocational degrees
emanating from the private higher education sector are increasingly raising the bar.

“The reputation of a profession lies in the extent to which members of the broader
public respect and recognise the performance of the individuals that lay claim to a
professional title,” says Dr Felicity Coughlan, Director of the Independent
Institute of Education, the largest private provider of higher education with more
than 20 registered campuses in SA. She says that, through the NQF Act, South Africa
created an enabling environment where professional bodies could contribute (through
the Quality Councils) to the development and maintenance of standards in
qualifications and designations related to their profession.

“Only professional associations registered with SAQA are recognised in this role,
and this arrangement therefore also has a public protection role of making explicit
to the industry and consumers what standards are met by those who are members of the
association, or carry its formal designations or complete qualifications registered
or endorsed by the association.”

In the case of the marketing professions, the Marketing Association of South Africa
(MA (SA)) is the only SAQA-registered professional association. The Independent
Institute of Education’s three marketing qualifications are the first to be endorsed
by MA (SA) under their status as the registered professional association. In
addition, specific short learning programmes at The IIE’s Vega sites can be used for
completion of the requirements for professional designations managed by MA (SA).

“Students deserve to know that their qualifications will adhere to or exceed the
standards of the industry-leaders, and endorsement by a professional association is
one of the strongest ways to provide that validation for students and employers,”
Coughlan says.

The three MASA-recognised marketing-focused qualifications offered by the
Independent Institute of Education have a strong reputation within the industry
because of their very practical, workplace-oriented approach. They are:

* The BCom in Marketing Management which is offered at Varsity College sites
of The Independent Institute of Education seeks to produce graduates with a strong
business background who are able to contribute to the development of businesses
using marketing skills and strategies.

* The Diploma in Commerce in Marketing Management available at Rosebank
College and College Campus sites provides a similar, but even more practically
based, curriculum for those who are keen to get going as marketers. The integration
of simulations and work-based learning opportunities mean that graduates who fully
grasp the opportunities they are given will graduate with an invaluable portfolio of
work to present to potential employers.

* The specialist BCom in Digital Marketing which is only available on
College Campus sites provides a uniquely focused qualification in this burgeoning
field of digital marketing. What sets this curriculum apart is the inclusion of
several important core IT skills to make these digital marketers all round
contributors in this booming field.
“By pairing high quality higher education experiences with the endorsement, which
includes ongoing input and quality assurance, by a professional association it is
intended that the graduates will enter their professional field uniquely equipped to
make a contribution from day one,” says Coughlan.

For further information or comment by Dr Coughlan, please contact Natasha at Lange
360 on 021 448 7407, or visit

About the IIE:

The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) is the largest and most accredited
registered private education institute in South Africa. It has a history in
education and training since 1909, and its brands, such as College Campus, Rosebank
College, VarsityCollege, and Vega, are widely recognised and respected for producing
workplace-ready graduates, many of whom become industry-leaders in their chosen
fields. The IIE offers a wide range of qualifications, from post-graduate degrees to
short courses, on 21 registered higher education campuses across South Africa.

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