Plans to educate jobless youth in South Africa

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Youth unemployment is not a dilemma particular to South Africa. Countries in Europe face the same problem, but the difference is that those who are unemployed elsewhere are largely graduates.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said last week that 40 percent to 50 percent of South Africans aged between 17 and 25 were unemployed. This was a problem other countries also faced, specifically Spain, Portugal, the UK and parts of the US, where almost half of the young population did not have work. But the difference was that unemployed youth in other countries were graduates.

Gordhan, who was speaking on the “Job Opportunities arising from and implications of the Budget for the business community” at a dinner with the Durban business community, said that to tackle this, the government would spend R150 billion on job creation and skills development in South Africa.

The plans included revitalising Further Education and Training colleges, bursaries for students that passed within three years and connecting people to the job market.

The government’s R9bn jobs fund “is a remarkable commitment for a country like South Africa coming out of recession”, Gordhan said.

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  1. please send me news letters that will help me to be well informed, training programmes that you offer to help me to futher my studies and employment.such as busaries,internships i have a grade 12 certificate with accounting as a subject the thing is that im unemployed and finance is what i have and my background is disadvantage but im willing and able to work myself up from the ground.i came across your programmes that you offer but i found that the intake is already taken place, but i hope and pray that nextime i will be the amongs youth to partake in the programmes that you may offer.

    Thank you and it will be appreciated if a responsed is received by me from you Ithemba.

    Best reguards
    Betty m Ramantsi

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