Training in South Africa

Organisational Analysis

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Organisational analysis involves analysing organisation wide performance criteria for example accidents and injuries, absenteeism, turnover, productivity quality labour and operating costs, sexual harassment charges and employment equity problems to uncover major problems areas that may indicate a need for training (Grobler 2006 P305).

Chang also suggest that identifying targeted needs is the first step on the path to effective training.  He suggests the use of high impact training model, which requires you to undertake a need analysis to ensure that training you do address your particular situation. In order to implement your organisational change management the company needs to know where they are headed. Once you know where you are headed the organisation can implement the required training to meet the organisational objectives.

The need analysis tarts with the organisation analysis which requires one to undertake six basic steps as follows:

Assess your current situation

  • Envision your future
  • Gather information
  • Sort the information
  • Share results with stakeholders
  • Decide the next step

The author also suggests that we must identify where we are now, by exploring the current situation and ask others to define the current situation as they see it.  That is involving others right from the start and is a good way to begin (Chang  P 21)

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