Online Psychometric Testing

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Despite their being a growing support of applied research on using the internet for a select human resource management practices there have been few studies that have provided equivalence information or practical lessons concerning online psychometric testing.

One needs to determine the most important question and that is whether the use of online psychometric testing produces the same quantity and quality of applicants for an organisation. Several issues can be associated with the measurement and validity of online psychometric testing; along with the role of several individual characteristics; respondents’ reactions and behaviors and other considerations must be considered when using internet test administration.

One will need to determine the correlation between paper-and-pencil and internet-administered selection tests. Human resource management must correlate the scores between online testing and testing via paper. Human resources South Africa have even bigger problems as a big portion of the country are not compute literate.

Their has been a shortage of published research that have included equivalence estimates for psychometric testing administered via the internet but this has defiantly not hindered the development of web-based applicant screening tools and services. It has also not lessened the demand for the component of Web-based selection tools or the need of practical guidance for the implementation of selection processes over the internet.

The reasons for doing tests over the internet might help organisations that post their job openings and recruit applicants over the internet. By doing this they anticipate enhanced convenience, cost effectiveness and efficiency provided that that applicants can be effectively evaluated via the internet. Individuals might also appreciate the potentially accelerated selection process that internet-based testing can offer as individuals can do the tests the same time as they post their resumes. For example, a new test with could be made available across the globe within seconds. Test publishers can download new tests to secure testing sites in no time at all, while other test developers can put tests on their web sites and make them available to anyone with an Internet connection. Updating a test is also much easier as the publisher can just change the coding and update the online psychometric testing within seconds.

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