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Managing Diversity

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Managing Diversity

A few examples of the benefits of managing diversity include:

  • Accessing a range of skills in which the organisation has never had before and greater access to a wider range of individual strengths, experiences and perspectives.
  • A greater understanding of the diverse groups of potential and existing customers represented within the workforce. This helps improve the relations and communication between all the parties involved.
  • better communication with these diverse groups of potential and existing customers
  • Improved legitimacy and organisational image across a wider audience.
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent.

But it is not suggested that diversity comes without problems. The claimed disadvantages of workforce diversity are:

  • Increased conflict among the workforce as differences in opinion make it more difficult to agree on solutions and problems which makes managing diversity that much harder.
  • Poorer internal communication, because levels of knowledge and comprehension differ between employees.
  • Increased management costs that arise from dealing with potential conflict and communication problems.

So as mentioned above there are considerable benefits in managing diversity or there could be dire consequences in not managing diversity. Organisations that do not plan for the future and are not managing diversity within the company will have higher levels of employee turnover and higher recruitment and training costs.

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