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Leadership Training for Youth in South Africa

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How do you raise funds for the academy?

We have a number of supporters and sponsors around the world who contribute to our cause. We firmly believe that financial means (or lack thereof) should not be a barrier to entering the academy. Our supporters are both individuals and companies that offer varying levels of support from once off donations to long term annual commitments or larger project-specific grants.

We do also have a small contingent of fee-paying students that covers some of our costs and every student (even those receiving significant financial support) is expected to make at least a small contribution toward the cost of the program.

So far, how would you assess your journey at the ALA?

My journey at the Academy has been a very fulfilling one. Being one of the founders, I am in the fortunate position of having been present from the very beginning of the Academy’s development and I have been so thrilled to watch it grow from strength to strength. It is consistently amazing to me how something which started as an idea in business school has developed into an institution that houses some of Africa’s most talented future leaders. I have enjoyed every new step in the growth of ALA and I look forward to it continuing to develop the next generation of African leaders.

When will the school become a fully-fledged secondary school?

At the moment we do not have plans to develop into a fully-fledged secondary school. ALA is supposed to be a pre-university program providing the very best education and opportunities to develop Africa’s most outstanding leaders. One of the things that make the ALA experience so meaningful is the extraordinary sense of community our young leaders experience on campus. Smaller numbers allow us to be dedicated to each young leader and to develop their particular brand of leadership for Africa’s future.

While we have not ruled out expanding our initial two-year full-time program to say 3 or 4 years, we do not have plans to do so at the moment. We are however developing systems and an infrastructure to support our young leaders after they leave our initial 2-year program and go on to university and beyond.

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