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Importance of Recruitment Agencies and HR in South Africa

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The findings are part of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) Legal & HR’s Creative Productive Partnerships, which highlights the outcome of a recent meeting attended by REC member firms and their clients.

When negotiating fees in the current climate it was found that face-to-face flexible deals were the best for maintaining a good relationship between HR in South Africa and recruitment agencies. But agencies and HR need to be more open with each other, sharing their knowledge and research, as the report states: “a relationship should be more than a transactional relationship but one built on mutual interest and concerns.” HR and recruitment agencies in South Africa need to have a common goal when trying to recruit the best talent in the market. The organisation needs to define what type of employee they are looking for and the recruitment agency in South Africa must do the best possible job in trying to find the right person for the job.

Agencies should have an understanding of the businesses they deal with according to HR departments in order to ‘fit’ with the company. The recruitment agency in South Africa must understand the organisations vision, ethics and goals and strive to find an employee that meets these standards. The advice was the same with regards to recruiting via unsolicited calls – “know us before you call us” was the message put across.

One key realisation was that the individual consultants have a large effect on relationships with HR in South Africa. A good consultant can sometimes have such a good relationship with a business that when they move to a different recruitment agency in South Africa, so does the client. The reason for this is that the client understands the vision of the company and knows precisely what the company is looking for. However, recruitment agencies in South Africa need to make sure their consultants all maintain a high standard of service because there is also the risk of a bad relationship with the individual, causing the adverse affect.

Martin Snell, Chair of REC Legal and HR, comments: “In the current climate, identifying talent and individuals with the right skills and experience presents employers with real challenges. A productive partnership with a recruitment agency in South Africa is therefore not just beneficial but is a business imperative.”

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