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Importance of Recruitment Agencies and HR in South Africa

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One of the greatest challenges to a business can be recruiting the right people to enable the organisation to grow in South Africa. Both from a cost and time perspective, recruitment can be a significant demand on a business as many hours have to be spent of recruiting and selecting the right employee for the organisation. However, according to the Epson Business Council, a panel of four leading European business experts, it is the single most important element of running a successful company as the people that are employed in the organisation have the most direct influence on the company’s performance.

During difficult economic circumstances, recruitment can become increasingly complex. Potential candidates can be apprehensive about moving jobs as they might feel that staying in their current job is safer. Also a cluttered employment market means that filtering suitable candidates is both time consuming and challenging as where before an organisation might have only got say 40 applicants for a position. But in the current market the applications that are sent to HR are properly quadrupled. This has a great effect on HR in South Africa as the recruitment process is taking that much longer.

There are useful tips based on insights and experience on how to both recruit the best talent and motivate and retain them to become committed employees who will share the determination needed for a business to succeed. A method to improve the efficiency of this HR process will be described below.

One way to improve this is to improve the relationship between recruitment agencies and the organisation. This is vital for tracking down top talent as the recruitment agency would have a direct impact on the type of employees that the organisation employs. HR Trust, understanding and flexibility are crucial to good relationships between recruitment agencies and HR departments to find top talent and therefore gaining a competitive advantage from its competitors.

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