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Human Resources South Africa

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Human Resources South Africa is the only resource in an organisation that reacts when acted upon. This means with the exception of human resources, all resources of an organisation are static. Other resources derive their dynamic character from human resources. Human resources in South Africa can be defined as the process through which an optimal fit is achieved among the employee, job, organisation, and environment so that employees reach their desired level of satisfaction and performance and the organisation meets its goals.

As part of Human Resources South Africa, the efficient and effective management and utilisation of human resources cannot be overemphasized. South Africa has a shortage of skilled and professional human resources, and its labour markets are characterised by an imbalance between skilled and unskilled human resources. Together with the very low productivity ratio that inhibits natural growth human resources in South Africa has low employment opportunities. Management of Human Resources in South Africa will play a key role in rectifying this situation as it should be given its rightful place in the management of an organisation. Counteracting unemployment, while making sufficient highly skilled workers available for effectively running the economy, is essential for developing human resources in South Africa. Human resources interventions on both a national and organizational level can, if effectively managed, improve the situation of Human Resources in South Africa.

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