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Human Resource Management

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Determining and managing wages, salaries and benefits – One of the major functions of the HR department is to keep employees motivated to perform in the organisation. This is important if the organisation wants to gain a competitive advantage from its competitors. This can be done through rewarding employees for their performance, especially for those employees who have done well. The HR department needs to evaluate performance of employees and those who have exceeded expectations should be compensated for their performance.

Appraising performance – Human resource management is also involved in the practice of assessing employee performance and also in providing adequate feedback to employees about the positive and negative aspects of the employee’s performance. Performance reviews are extremely important to the function of the organisation as it allows the organization to gather strategic data used in determining wage increases, promotions, personnel development and in the case of continuous unsatisfactory performance, dismissal from the organisation.

Resolving disputes – attaining tacit or contractual agreements between employees and the organisation—has become increasingly important as parties to a dispute try to avoid costly litigation, strikes, or other disruptions in the running of the company. Dispute resolution also has become more complex, involving employees, management, unions, other firms, and government agencies.

Communicating with all employees at all levels – The ability to communicate with employees and find out the needs of employees to enhance safety and health standards, health promotion, physical fitness, medical examinations, minor health treatment, flexible work schedules, recreational activities, employee suggestion systems, child care and elder care and counseling services. The ability to satisfy employee satisfaction allows employees to maintain organizational objectives.

Employees can pursue careers at either large corporations or small firms, and the greater the level of education and training, the more fulfilling a career is likely to be. Human resource management plays an important role in the advancement tied to an employees work experience.


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