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Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management includes

Conducting job analyses – Human Resource management helps in determining the nature and responsibility of various positions within the organisation. In order for employees to perform to the level of success determined by the organisation, conducting a job analyses will help determine the skills and experiences required in order to reach such level. Job analyses will also help in anticipating for future employment levels and skills training required for an employee.

Planning personnel needs and recruitment – Adequate planning for the future will help ensure the responsibility for of the organisation’s future engagements involving people within the organisation. In order to increase organisation’s success human resource management must make sure that the employees within the organisation and future employees are there to increase value to the organisation. In order to become more effective and efficient an organisation must have a clear vision of where it is headed. Streamlined hiring processes are another one of the most effective human resource management strategies.

Selecting the right people for the job – The capability of the organisation to identify the abilities and competencies that are required by the organisation in order to achieve organisational goals is imperative to organisational success. The goal of recruiting employees that are required to achieve organisational goals falls under the role of human resource management. If this function is performed to an optimal level that is required by the organisation, then the ability to achieve organisational goals will be increased. The task of selecting the right people includes the assessment of abilities, skills and character evaluation of potential employees. Through the assessment processes the organisation can ensure the applicants are chosen have the right attitude necessary to fit into the organisation.

Orientating and training – New employees need orientation into the Company’s functions and can also improve some inefficiency that these new employees may have in relation to their skills. This is the purpose of placing them on internships. Keeping current employees up-to-date with current training that is required in the organisation is also essential for organisational objectives. Due to technological advances, legal changes and changes in service delivery employees need to be kept up-to-date with current trends in their industry. It is imperative for organisations to keep up with trends in their industry otherwise the company faces the possibility of becoming obsolete and losing a competitive advantage. With the ever increasing competition faced by organisation it is important that organisations keep ahead of its competitors.

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