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Human Resource Management

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The two main goals of human resource management are based on the efficient utilization of employees achieving success within the organisation. The first of the goals is to successfully make use of the knowledge, skills and abilities of the workers in order to achieve organisational objectives and helps employees become more valuable to that business. In order to achieve organisational objectives Human Resource managements looks to make sure that employees are satisfied with the working environment as well as the pay that they receive from working at the organisation. Essentially, the purpose of human resource management is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees.

The responsibilities of human resource management are commonly shared among three areas of the organisation: employee staffing, compensation and benefits and defining/designing work (these will be explored later in the article). The central task of hr will always be to obtain, develop, and keep hold of talented employees; align the employees with organisational objectives; and be an excellent contributor to the goals of the organisation. Those three challenges will never change in organisations today.
According to research the human aspect of resources within a company contributes around 80% of an organisations value. Therefore if the employees in an organisation are not managed properly, the organisation will face serious challenges in reaching organisational objectives. Therefore the main objective of the HR department is to allow an employee to reach its full potential in order to allow employees to best chance to contribute to the success of the organisation.

HR roles come with certain positive and negative aspects with regard to its employees. However, the negative aspects can be minimised and countered by improvements to their roles and functions. That HR can bring out of its employees.

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