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HR Jobs in South Africa

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HR Jobs in South Africa
Every organisation in South Africa is different and so is the way they handle their HR responsibilities. Various roles exist for HR jobs in South Africa, from generalist roles to specialist positions. Depending on what level HR in South Africa needs from the organisation, there are many different functions, depending on the organisation’s size and needs. In the following articles the various roles for HR in South Africa will be discussed.

HR generalist
If you become a Generalist for HR in South Africa, various issues would be key. A HR generalist would get involved in a wide range of diverse areas. One day, you could be working on training managers to be able to lead better and the next be learning how to motivate employees in the organisation. The most vital tool of a HR generalist trade in South Africa would be to build lasting performance that can add a competitive advantage to the organisation.

Recruitment, resourcing and talent planning
Another option for HR jobs in South is to work in recruitment, resourcing and talent planning. The aim of this role is to manage resources in order to meet the changing needs of the organisation and to meet the short and long-term human resources requirements of organisational goals. Obstacles to overcome include changing demographics, supply and demand, staff turnover and scarce skills. One of the most key elements for this type of HR job in South Africa would be to identify and attract key people who can create a competitive advantage for the organisation. In times where recruitment is not the answer to filling positions this position will include engaging talented people and motivating them to excel in various roles in the organisation in order to develop effective networks of talented employees that will give the organisation a competitive advantage.

Learning and talent development
Learning how to get the best out of employees and managing their skills and capabilities is another type of HR job in South Africa. By performing this function HR South Africa can help find what people’s strengths and potential are. This would be the job of learning and talent development. Activities could include conducting training for new employees or fine tuning managerial skills. But it is not just about developing employees, it is also about conducting a need analysis of the organisation to find out what skills the organisation is lacking, then determining the training required and then implementing the training in order to evaluate the benefits to the business. So if you are involved in this type of job in HR South Africa you will be concerned with supporting, developing and accelerating learning in order to execute the strategy of the organisation.

Organisation development
Due to new forever changing times, organisations are constantly reinventing themselves. Organisations that are best adapted to changing times are able to cope with the challenges that are presented to them are able to out manoeuvre their competition. If one is part of an organisational development team in HR South Africa one will play a big part in change management. You will also contribute to maintaining the health of the employees in the organisation. Goals of organisational development could include redesigning the organisation’s culture or capabilities of the employees in the organisation. Development continuously looks at long-term goals and it is up to HR in the South African company to paint a picture of the future of what the change will look like. Organisation development practitioners work in a deliberate and organized way – diagnosing issues using relevant data. They consider the whole company and look to achieve sustained business performance by involving the employees of the organisation.

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