How does Training in South Africa Help in Organisations

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  • Provide training and development that is really relevant to the skill the organisation wants the employee to attain – or the information the employees needs to expand their work horizons. You may need to design an employee training session internally if nothing from training providers exactly meets your needs. Or alternatively the organisation may seek out external trainers who are willing to customize their offerings to match your specific needs.
  • It is ineffective to ask an employee to attend a training session on general communication when his immediate need is to learn how to provide feedback in a way that minimizes defensive behavior. The employee will regard the training session as mostly a waste of time or too basic; his complaints will invalidate potential learning.

    Whenever possible, connect the employee training to the employee’s job and work objectives. There needs to be a clear line of sight to what training in South Africa offers to what the requirements of the job entails. If you work in an organization that invests in a self-development component in the appraisal process, make sure the connection to the plan is clear and concise.

    • Favor employee training and development that has measurable objectives and specified outcomes – that will transfer back to the job. Design or obtain employee training that has clearly stated objectives with measurable outcomes. Ascertain that the content leads the employee to attaining the skill or information promised in the objectives.

    With this information in hand, the employee knows exactly what he can expect from the training session and is less likely to be disappointed. He will also have ways to apply the training to the accomplishment of real workplace objectives, therefore validating the training in South Africa.




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