How does Training in South Africa Help in Organisations

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Sharing learning – Use a simple idea to encourage staff to share experiences, learning and successes in meetings

  • Beg a favour
  • Brag about a success
  • What if…explore an idea
  • Make sure the need is a training and development opportunity – Do thorough needs and skills analysis to determine the real need for employee training and development. Make sure the opportunity you are pursuing or the problem you are solving is a training issue.If the staff is failing in some aspect of their role within the organisation, determine whether the organisation has provided the employee with the time and means needed to perform their job. Does the employee clearly understand what is expected from her on the job? Ask yourself whether the employee has the temperament and talent necessary for her current position; consider whether the job is a good skill, ability, and interest fit?
  • Create a context for the employee training and development. Provide information for the employee about why the new skills, skill enhancement, or information is necessary. Make certain the employee understands the link between the training and his job because if they don’t they will not be interested in the training. There must a clear line of sight to where the training in South Africa will take the employee.

You can enhance the impact of the training even further if the employee sees the link between the training and his ability to contribute to the accomplishment of the organization’s business plan and goals. If the employees can see the bigger picture of training in South Africa, there will be a bigger contribution by the employees towards the training in South Africa.

It’s also important to provide rewards and recognition as a result of successful completion and application of the training. (People like completion certificates, for instance. One company I know lists employee names and completed training sessions in the company newsletter.) If employees are not recognised by their efforts towards training in South Africa, they could easily slip back into their old habits and hamper the efforts of the organisation.

This contextual information will help create an attitude of motivation as the employee attends the training. It will assist the employee to want to look for relevant information to apply after the session.

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