How does Training in South Africa Help in Organisations

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Enhance effectiveness by encouraging constructive feedback. The following guidelines will help you to significantly improve the effectiveness of your feedback

  • Use the ‘I’ word – own what you say
  • Leave the recipient with a choice
  • Start with the positive
  • Give specific examples of positive and negative points
  • Get a response to your feedback
  • Ask for suggestions to bring about the desired change
  • What does the feedback say about YOU!

People in learning organisations are prepared to listen to others and ask for constructive feedback. These tips will help you get the best from feedback.

  • Listen to the feedback rather than immediately rejecting or arguing with it
  • Be clear about what is being said. Listen and summarise ‘So what your saying is…’
  • Don’t just concentrate on the negative
  • Ask for examples of both strong and weak areas of performance
  • Accept praise gracefully when it is given
  • Respond assertively where you think the feedback is incorrect
  • Decide what you will do as a result of the feedback

People can improve their competitive capacity by engaging in a process of continuous learning through

  • Risk taking: Willingness to push oneself out of a comfort zone
  • Self reflection: Honest self reflection about successes and failures, particularly the latter
  • Seeking opinions of others: Actively seeking views of others
  • Careful listening: Propensity to listen to others
  • Openness to new ideas: Willingness to view life with an open mind
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