Advantages of Training in South Africa

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If training in South Africa is so important, why do some businesses invest so little in it?

Ideally training should be seen as an investment in the future of the business. It should not also been seen as a quick fix for the companies performance. It takes time for the effects of training to impact business performance; therefore training in South should be on a continual basis.

Some businesses are reluctant to spend on training because:

– They fear employees will be poached by competitors (who will then benefit from the training). This happens a lot as some employees will always leave for more money.

– A desire to minimise short-term costs. The recent recession has made many organisations cut back on expenditure and training in South Africa was identified by many organisations as a way to save money.

– They cannot make a justifiable investment case. Return on Investment is key for organisations, therefore measuring the success of training is key to justifying the use of training in South Africa.



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