Advantages of Training in South Africa

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Training will boost the morale of your staff, increase their productivity and give your organisation the competitive advantage it needs in these tough economic conditions.

– Improve Staff Morale; Training is a commitment towards developing the skills of your staff and cements their importance to your organisation, which improves staff morale and loyalty.

– Increase Productivity & Motivation; Training provides the structures, techniques and awareness to manage time and workload efficiently, which increases productivity and motivates staff to achieve more.
Competitive Advantage; People buy from people. Training gives staff the skills to handle your customers professionally and increase customer satisfaction. Training also improves internal efficiency, which will keep you ahead of the competition.

– Introduce Change; Some staff members may not welcome the opportunity to learn new skills and introduce change for the benefit of the organisation. Hamilton Mercer Training offers expertise to guide and support staff in to new ways of improving their skills and attitude towards professional communication and exceptional customer service.

– Lower Recruitment and Training Costs; Effective training lowers staff turnover, which reduces recruitment and training costs.

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