Advantages of Training in South Africa

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– Generally more cost effective. If employees were just left to their own accord without any training they could make fatal and costly errors to the organisations. Therefore if employees know what they are doing, through training in South Africa they could become more effective and efficient.

– Training an employee in their own working environment, with equipment they are familiar with and people they know can help they gain direct experience to a standard approved by the employer.

– Employees may find that they have more confidence if they are supervised and guided as they feel they are doing the job right. If employees are rewarded for applying their new skills they will no doubt be more motivated to keep using their new skills properly.

– Managers or supervisors can assess improvement and progress over a period of time and this makes it easier to identify a problem intervene and resolve problems quickly.

– As training progresses and the employee begins to feel more confident, this confidence would allow them to work at a higher standard and ultimately be more productive on the job.

– Training “on-the-job” provides an opportunity to get to know staff they might not normally talk to. Improves communication in the organisation.

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