Advantages of Training in South Africa

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Advantages of training in South Africa to a business

The main benefits to a business of a well-trained workforce are:

– Better productivity in the organisation, if employees can become more efficient in their operations (and, therefore, lower production / operating costs)

– Higher quality. Employees should become more effective in their operations therefore the quality of their work should improve.

– More flexibility – training helps employees develop a variety of skills. Multi-skilling is only possible if the workforce is well trained. If one employee becomes sick and cannot fill their duties, another employee could step in and perform their tasks for the day.

– Less supervision – lower supervision and management costs if employees can get on with their jobs. If managers have to spend less time on supervision they will be able to perform other tasks that require their attention. This might also improve motivation – through greater empowerment of employees. Employees will hopefully start taking on a greater role of responsibility and therefore increase their satisfaction on the job.

– More successful recruitment and employee retention – businesses with a good reputation for training are likely to find it easier to attract good quality staff – and then keep them. Organisations that are known for their development of employees attract more staff as employees know that they are going to learn new skills once that they are employed in the organisation.

– Help in achieving change – businesses with strong training systems and culture find it easier to implement change programmes. Organisations today are forever changing and therefore if training in South Africa has helped employees embrace new developments of change, achieving this change can be improved by training.

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