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10 Popular Interview Questions – What’s the Hidden Meaning?

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Q8. What will you be doing in five years time?

Ambition and drive are great qualities in a candidate as it demonstrates energy to persevere and reach goals even in tough times. However, an organisation also wants to see signs of stability and loyalty to employers. If your CV shows that you’ve moved every eighteen months or so the interviewer is likely to need reassuring that you’re not going to ‘jump ship’ to a competitor in a year from now. A good interview answer is to talk about the opportunities you’ve researched within their organisation and your ambitions to excel within it, particularly if you can refer to employees within their organisation. Setting Clear Objectives before you go for an interview is useful otherwise you can waste time applying for jobs you’re unlikely to get.

Q9. Why are you the best person for the job?

As with answering all the other popular interview questions try and appear confident and likable. A poor interview answer is to just say that you’re better than any of the other candidates. You don’t know the qualifications or experience of the other candidates! A good interview answer is to focus on three to five specific reasons why you should be hired and briefly substantiate your claims. Remember, to tell the interviewer that you’re really enthusiastic about being offered this job and determined to demonstrate the contribution and value you can make to their company. Knowing how to sell yourself is an interview is very great interview skill.

Q10. Is there anything you want me to ask you?

Many firms now ask a similar open ended question. This is not a trick question but just gives the candidate a chance to speak on their own behalf. If you think that there have been any problems in the interview, this is your chance to go back into an area which you think the interviewer may have doubt about you. It is not a good interview answer to say, ‘no’ as this can show that you’re not interested in the job. It can also give you a chance to reiterate a strength which you think is important and might distinguish you from other candidates.

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