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10 Popular Interview Questions – What’s the Hidden Meaning?

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Q3. Why do you want this job?

This is a very popular interview question but saying, ‘because you saw the advert is not a good interview answer’, even if it’s true. It’s a buyers market and a potential employer wants to employ a person who is keen and enthusiastic to work with them. If they find a candidate who’s genuinely interested in their company then they believe that they’re more likely to stay and succeed in the new job. The candidate who prepares for the interview by reading up on the organization and demonstrates an understanding of their strategy, management team and current issues is more likely to capture the interest of the interviewer. Find something specific about the company that complements your own experience and ambitions. It is even more impressive if you’ve ‘gone out of your way’ to understand the organization such as talking to other employees or their customers. To interview brilliantly check out these 27 Interview Tips.

Q4. What do you consider to be you greatest achievement?

In an interview, candidates tend to smile and nod a lot. The potential employer is interested in getting to know the ‘real’ you and whether you’re going to fit within the culture and role of their organisation. Asking about your achievements is a popular interview question. The achievement you choose to talk about says a great deal about you and your personality. A good interview answer is to choose an accomplishment that relate to the position you’re applying for. If this isn’t obvious pick an accomplishment that required some of the same strengths that will be needed for the job. If you’re applying for a leadership position in a task goal orientated culture then the interviewer is going to be impressed by someone who is motivated by achieving a project or goal and inspires others around them. In an entrepreneurial organisation a ‘creative mind’ will be more appreciated. The ability to ‘think on one’s feet’ will be considered critical to a high level of success within their organisation.

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