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Top issues for people with HR jobs in South Africa

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Top employment issues for 2011

Overview of 2010: A Sad Year for HR Jobs

For most people working in HR jobs, 2010 wasn’t the best of years for business. As companies reduced the number of employees, HR employees had to do a fair share of dirty work in various companies. Cohen a HR professional stated that people working in HR jobs could have been able to transform 2010 into an enriching and collaborative time for employees. This however was not the case and the three biggest HR challenges of 2010 were development, retention and engagement. However she also mentioned that no significant advances were made in this regard.

Attention to new demographics and the rise of a new generation, (Generation Y) which is the fastest growing section of the workforce, want a sustainable workplace. This has not however driven new HR recruiting practices or employer branding emphasizing sustainability.

Another issue that companies still need to work on is women in business. Women in business continue to face non-inclusive and diversity-challenged organizational cultures. These challenges exclude some women from revenue-generating and senior management roles. There is also the element of companies continuing to pay women less than males for equal jobs.

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