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Rigid Recruitment Practises Causing Talent Headache for Companies in South Africa

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As organisations start to come out from the global recession, many organisations risk missing out on opportunities to grow their business due to recruitment challenges in South Africa. These challenges are caused by a lack of flexibility and innovation. According to Part Two of the Future Fit Recruitment Report, released today by the provider of world-class talent and resourcing capability, Alexander Mann Solutions, many businesses are struggling with the realities of recruitment in the current economic climate. It has been said that the most important HR in South Africas decision you can make is who you hire. This obviously makes sense if the company is able to find out who the right people are.

While examining the opinions of senior HR decision makers from around the world and in South Africa, the global research project found that over half of companies surveyed (55 per cent) have experienced difficulty in recruiting in the last six months and that 70 per cent attribute these difficulties to a skills shortage in the candidate pool. This is a particular area that recruitment in South Africa struggles with as it is hard to find suitably qualified applicants for the positions. Though at a time when unemployment is high and the candidate pool is larger than it has been for some time, these reports raise questions over whether HR in South Africa are failing to adapt their recruitment practices to the current conditions of the country.

Despite skills shortages being identified as a major stumbling block in the hiring and recruitment process in South Africa, only 33 per cent of companies in the findings consider themselves as “good” or “excellent” when it comes to using innovative and creative approaches to secure new talent. At a time when top talent is very much in demand, this is a clear sign that organisations HR in South Africa need to embrace innovative practices that go beyond their current recruitment processes if they are to successfully attract the skills they need to grow.

A lack of flexibility in organisations´ recruitment criteria could also be contributing to businesses´ recruitment challenges. While over half (53 per cent) of HR professionals surveyed consider that their organisation is “good” or “excellent” in terms of having flexibility in the recruitment process, one in five (17 per cent) of HR leaders polled recognised a lack of flexibility in the type of candidate sought.

In addition, 86 per cent revealed that their company has rigid skill requirements that candidates must meet, in terms of previous experience and education qualifications. These figures suggest that, in many companies in South Africa, strict recruitment briefs are potentially stifling the recruitment process and ruling out potential candidates as well as limiting innovation within the business. If companies HR in South Africa could be more flexible on the experience and education qualifications that applicants possess, they could easily find suitable candidates for their positions.

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  1. Working Class Hero Reply

    Recruitment Companies are nothing but money hungry vultures!

    They have no understanding of any job for which they “recruit” people and this is evident by their annoying, useless, processes they follow and the stupid questions they ask you.
    None of them have any sort of infrastructure in place, and Resumes are sent all over the place without any regard for suitable skillsets and matching the right candidate for the job.

    This is obfuscated by their “recruiting processes” and “meeting the candidate” – it’s all bullshit.
    All they care about is money in their pocket and this is true for ALL of them!

    I really hate recruiters. I have never been able to find a job except by approaching companies myself or within the networks of people I know.

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