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HR Policies in South Africa

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HR policies in South Africa are systems of written decisions established by the organisations in order to support administrative personnel function, performance management, employee relations and HR planning. Every company in South Africa has a different set of circumstances, and therefore must develop an individual set of HR policies to help regulate policies within the organisation.

Clear and concise HR policies in South Africa are important so that employees are able to understand the rules and regulations within the organisation. Failing to implement policies leaves an organisation open to legal challenges, grievances and lawsuits from the employees, especially if the company inconsistently applies the HR policies to various employees. Grievances and lawsuits resulting from the inconsistent application of HR policies can lead to:

  • Increased costs that affect your profits due to time wasted on not following the same procedures
  • Increased turnover of staff due to perceptions of misconduct
  • Negative morale from perceived equity and not understanding the rules of the organisation

Organisations can avoid these problems if they implement proper hr policies and procedures in South Africa. The organisation needs HR policies in South Africa in order for employees to feel that they are treated equally across a variety of employment issues.

Developing in HR Policies in South Africa

HR policies in South Africa provide organisation with a system that manages their risk by staying up to date with the current trends in employment and legislation requirements. The HR policies must be formed in a manner that encompasses the entire organisational vision and by doing so, help the organisation work towards its business objectives. By doing this, the HR policy can benefit all levels of the organisation and provide a competitive advantage amongst its competitors.

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    i would like to know what are the requirments even though a person is still working at the company, my question is are they or management allowed to have private email read , meaning that whatever email comesin or goes out , they have opportunity to read them .Is this legal or an invasion of a person personnal privacy

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