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How to ask for a salary increase

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So you have been in the job for some time and during that period your productivity has increased ten fold, and on top of that you have started doing little odd jobs that were not being done before. You believe you deserve a raise, but is it what your boss is thinking? The following is article is how to ask for a salary increase.

Having yourself prepared for the task is the best way to ask for a salary increase. You have to think about any questions your boss might ask during this encounter. You have to remember that your boss probably hasn’t noticed all your hard work and it will be your job to let your boss know that.

You must remember that going on the pretence of asking for a salary increase because you do a great job is not enough as you were hired to do a great job from the start, and your boss wouldn’t want you around if you were just doing your job.

So you need to make a list of the specific accomplishments that exceed the job that you were hired to do. You should be very specific, and this will be your one chance, and if you get let down it might be a while still till you muster up the courage to ask. Give information about how you have been more productive and how you went beyond the call of duty to accomplish tasks that contributed to the success of the business.

Also find out what others are earning in the same field, perhaps try find out from colleagues who have been there longer what there wage would be. If they earn less then perhaps it’s a new job you should be looking for!

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