Dr. Graham Little

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Dr Graham Little is the developer of the OPD Strategic Human Resource Management System and founder of OPD International. He has thirty years experience in training, human development and strategic human resource management and has conducted extensive research on human performance in organisations based on social science. Graham has written nine books on leadership, numerous articles and coaching workbooks and has been a consultant to a wide range of large and small organisations. He is an Associate Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management, Member of the Human Resource Institute of New Zealand and Member of the Institute of Directors.


Born in Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand.

Graham enjoys writing and has had nine books published in management. He was contracted to write several additional books for management books 2000 after his initial success. He has also had six years with a monthly column in New Zealand’s largest and most prestigious management magazine, and four years with a weekly spot on the radio talkback IZB business hour.

With twenty years experience as a business coach and facilitator and consultant he likes to think that he has developed some wisdom and now has something to offer. He is also one of the founders of Self Help Guides, and created the concept.

Beside management writing Graham has a great interest in philosophy and is seeking to make a contribution to understanding knowledge and a general theory of psychology. He has used his experience and reflection to develop the first complete model linking business strategy to staff behaviour; the OPD model.

The OPD-SHRM is a set of SHRM processes based on a causal scientific model of how daily actions of staff are precisely aligned and integrated with business strategy. The OPD web based systems are a proven toolbox of business processes that enable team leaders to enact the model. The model plus systems form The OPD-SHRM solution that improves profits through a strategic partnership with your business or any specific business unit.

Graham has also designed a web based administrative system and coaching system enabling team leaders to implement the OPD-SHRM set of processes. This helps in enabling team leaders to achieve superior, sustainable performance from their teams.

Graham is currently the director at OPD international. OPD International operates via Regional Operating Companies, holding 50% of those companies, with the other 50% held by the Regional President. OPD International currently has operating companies in Australasia, Europe, and North America and has now started in Africa.


Dr P.S. Nel, author of many South African textbooks has stated that the OPD model, based on the research of Dr. Graham Little, is a solution to the HR questions being raised and is probably of the most logical
and thorough intellectual development currently available in the HR field. He also mentioned that the OPD model offers practical solutions and is probably 10 years ahead of current thinking in this field. The overall conclusion that Dr Nel reached was that the OPD model and system is an solution to the challenging times currently facing businesses globally.


Leadership development, organisational development, human development generally. Detailed and insightful understanding of human behaviour in authority systems.

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    Dear Dr.G Little

    I’m a HR Student at a FET College and need help in performing in my theory side. I’m struggling to remember the most important stuff in my course.

    I really needs assistance please.

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